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Louis Pion Case Study

Galeries Lafayette HBJO (Watchmaking, Jewelry & Jewelry) secures its information system and its teams with


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L’enjeu de la cyber chez Galeries Lafayette HBJO (Horlogerie, Bijouterie & Joaillerie)

Since 2015, cyberattacks have decimated the retail and e-commerce industry, including among leading players like Jules, Camaïeu, BZB and Orchestra. In response, Galeries Lafayette HBJO (Watchmaking, Jewelry & Jewelry), which brings together leading brands such as Louis Pion and Galeries Lafayette Royal Quartz Paris, has put Cybersecurity at the heart of its priorities. This is the responsibility of Mohamed Boutra, CISO at Galeries Lafayette HBJO (Watchmaking, Jewelry & Jewelry). Faced with a multiplication of attack vectors, the company has chosen to equip itself with several protection technologies: workstations first, email filtering then web traffic filtering before set up Bastion. “Cybersecurity is a daily challenge, and we invest to cover all attack vectors: employees, workstations, the network and emails,” declares Mohamed Boutra.


Levallois-Perret (92)




Retail & E-commerce

IT Team size


Connected employees


Tangible results 🚀

The return on investment for cybersecurity solutions is often difficult to demonstrate. This is why Bastion emphasises actionable results. A few hours after implementing the tool, the platform identified several urgent risk elements which allowed Galeries Lafayette HBJO (Watchmaking, Jewelry & Jewelry) a rapid response.

Continuous audit of the IT surface
Data leak alert
Google Workspace Monitoring
Training of employees
90% less clicks on phishing emails