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See and Secure your Infrastructure

Highlight external attack surfaces and expose easy entry points to strengthen your digital exposure.

Automated Infrastructure Scan

See your exposed websites, apps vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and get actionable remediation insights.

Manage external risk

Hackers are constantly looking for open doors. Don’t make it easy for them to break in.
100% automated ratings
Continuous monitoring
Non-intrusive assessment
Agentless & cloud-native
Connects in minutes

Stay ahead of vulnerabilities

Uncover vulnerabilities, open ports, exposed databases, compromised tokens or weakly configured across all your assets, before attackers do.

Exposed token
Multiple Client IDs and token have been found across your assets.
Out of date system
Critical vulnerabilities have been found on your servers.

Risk-based & Contextualized Prioritization

Reduce alerts fatigue with contextual alerts and prioritize remediation by focusing first on the resources that are effectively exposed or have the largest blast radius.

GDPR-related alerts

Gain visibility on potential GDPR infringements and help your teams to correct the non-conformities by giving them precise remediation instructions.

Compromised Personal Data
Potential Personal Identifying Information have been exposed.

Identify Vulnerabilities

1,500 new vulnerabilities are referenced each month. Let us check if you’re impacted.

Accelerate software patching 5x

Get notified whenever an outdated version of your software is detected externally.

Keep your doors closed. Always.

Scan your remote access points and know when you have a door wide open.

Extensive Infrastructure Coverage

Software Vulnerabilities

Security Controls

Missing Records

Exposed Databases

Email Configuration

Remote Access

Put Cybersecurity on Autopilot

Bastion’s platform experience is designed by security and compliance experts so you don’t have to be one.
Meet the cloud-based platform crafted by security experts, with simplicity at heart and built to scale with your compliance, insurance and risk management needs.