See and secure your

External Surface

Get visibility on your external attack surface to identify vulnerabilities & configurations issues before hackers do.

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1000+ technologies checked
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Actionnable remediation plan
Track all your issues on your attack surface.


Attack surface management

SMBs hardly monitor their attack surface due to lack of adequate tooling and affordable options. Bastion's external reconnaissance technology provides SMBs with actionable insights into their external posture without the budget nor complexity of a penetration test.

Secure your perimeter

Bastion's external reconnaissance module highlights easy targets like open ports, including RPD/RDS, Windows File Sharing, SSH services, databases and more. Contextual information and remediation proposals help you secure your organisation.

Identify up to 5x more open doors

Assessing your external footprint security only once a year misses 80% of issues as new vulnerabilities emerge daily. By frequently scanning your network, open doors are discovered as soon as they are publicly available, to prevent businesses from going from secure to exposed instantly.

Expedites software patching 11x faster

With real-time alerts on potential security gaps on your external surface, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations are fixed 11 times faster, which significantly narrows the window of opportunity for hacker and reduces the risk of breaches.

Find all

your vulnerabilities

Our automated scan runs frequently so you do not have to worry about getting alerted when new issues are found.

Exposed services

Open ports, exposed databases and administration panels can easily be exploited to access your infrastructure.

Vulnerability Identification

Outdated VPN, vulnerable Wordpress or SSH services make it easy to carry out a ransomware attack.

Certificates configuration

Monitor TLS/SSL certificates configuration, encryption methods and expiry dates for a secure and compliant infrastructure.

Shadow IT

Unravel assets that fell out of your radar long ago to reduce your attack surface.

External Threat Intelligence

Uncover indicators such as typo-squatting, torrents and exposed API keys signalling an attack or a compromission.

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