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All your cybersecurity

One Platform

Exhaustive, simple and cost-effective solution to prevent ransomware, phishing and other attacks.

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Protect your company

against modern threats

SMBs’ digital transformation has increased their cyber exposure, opening the door to ever-more-sophisticated attacks targeting all possible entry points.


Employees are the 1st target of new attacks to SMBs such as Spear Phishing, Voice Phishing, SMS Phishing


40% of ransomware’s victims are SMBs according to ANSSI

Data leak

Passwords, credit cards and emails leaked on the Dark web are used to access your data and execute CEO or Wire transfers frauds

8 security modules connected in

one interface

What makes Bastion Technologies different?

Bastion has been designed and thought for SMBs who have a business to run and protect but no time, expertise, nor budget for heavy cyber solution of big companies

User Friendly

A single platform which speaks the language of SMBs.

Set up whitin one hour

Deploy 8 security modules in less than 1h.

Support 24/7

Get answers in less than 5min with our EU-based support


From 4€ to 10€ per user, cybersecurity should not be more expensive

Our biggest pride?

Customers & Partners Satisfaction

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Mohamed, CISO @ Louis Pion

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving, requiring various solutions. Bastion modules provide complete monitoring, in a single interface, with no blind spots.

Hugues, CEO @ AboutIT

The Bastion prospect report is the most impactful for understanding my prospects' exposure to cyber risks, communicating with them simply and protecting them as best as possible.

ND head

Nicolas, CEO @ Klinéo

Bastion is the only cyber solution I have seen with a simple interface, few clicks set-up and robust protection adapted to our business size.

Our labels & references

Bastion Technologies is referenced & certified by the highest European cybersecurity authorities.

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