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Built for

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Security you can demonstrate

Demonstrate the value you bring to clients by showcasing your ability to protect their business with automated & whitelabeled ROI & Impact reports.

Dedicated to MSP Growth

Grow your business and attract new customers with prospecting capabilities and complete easy-to-manage cybersecurity solutions.

Streamline your operations

Streamline your business with easy-to-manage cybersecurity solutions providing 360° visibility into your customers security posture across all attack vectors.

Protect your customers with

Enterprise-grade cyber technologies

Offer your customers the comfort of an end-to-end platform, monitoring cyber threats across all attack vectors, including emails, devices, external posture, employee negligence and web browsers.

Secure your customers
Secure new revenue

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Prospecting reports

Illustrate your potential clients cyber risks with concrete evidences and critical insights into their security posture with custom PDF reports generated in a single click.

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Marketing support

Benefit from marketing support you can leverage to sell your services and demonstrate your impact to your future clients.

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White-label offering

Develop your own brand using your logo and name across all customer-facing interfaces and reports

prospect report

Streamline your operations. Reduce your costs.

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Seamless setup

Configure new customers in minutes. Protect them around the clock.

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Single multi-tenant console

The multi-tenant dashboard enables you to grow revenue while lowering costs with a single pane of glass to centrally manage cyber issues across all your customers

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Put cybersecurity on autopilot

Bastion is a force multiplier for your MSP operations: all modules are integrated into a single platform, enhancing your customers’ security comprehensively and efficiently