Protect & Monitor

Cloud applications

Protect what you use the most. Secure you Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace tenant from cyberattacks.

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Easy setup
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Concrete remediation in 1 click
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Continuous monitoring of potential threats
Quickly connect your microsoft or google tenant to ensure it is well secured.

Prevent hackers from

accessing your data

Having a higher workspace security reduces by 60% the unauthorised access success rate. Keep your data secret in just a few clicks.

Configure your Cloud Security

With 1-click solutions, configure cloud environments & deploy security policies to prevent critical security threats like suspicious login activity, email tampering and forwarding, and privilege escalation attempts.

Stop account compromise

Bastion Technologies’ suite monitors Cloud apps activity in real-time and pushes threats alerts to defend against business email compromise (BEC) attacks, unauthorized access, data loss through external email forwarding, and financial fraud via email tampering.

Tangible impact from a single interface

See your Microsoft Secure Score soar from average to the top instantly. Bastion provides a single pane of glass to manage your cloud security with no prior knowledge needed on Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace apps.

Powerful, easy-to-use application to

Streamline cloud security

Bastion Technologies’ Cloud Apps suite safeguards SMBs against modern threats targeting Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace, including :

Suspicious login identification

Detect logins from different geographic locations, unusual devices or web browsers.

Suspicious mail forwarding configuration

Identify and remove malicious email configuration rules to prevent data loss.

Privileges escalation

Prevent threat actors from accessing restricted resources and privileges.

Shadow IT

See & manage third party applications with access to your account, emails and data.

Bot attacks

Block brute-force attempts from botnets trying to access your environment.

Data Loss

Block mass data download or deletion

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