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Meet Bastian

Teach Cybersecurity through fun, interactive, chat-based micro-trainings

Cybersecurity made fun

Bastian is a chat bot who teaches the basics of Cyber defense in an easy and entertaining way. Each micro-training is 5 minutes long, interactive and actionable.

Cover the basics

From phishing and ransomware to wire transfer scam and GDPRs, Bastian has you covered.

Design your company Cyber Awareness Program tapping into a vast catalog of cyber trainings.

Monitor your team progress

Evaluate your company's level of maturity and track its progress. Monitor the implementation of your cybersecurity awareness program and identify any deficiencies in teams.

Bastion is the only cyber solution I have seen with customer-oriented interface, straightforward service, fast customer service

Built with compliance in mind




Put Cybersecurity on Autopilot

Bastion’s platform experience is designed by security and compliance experts so you don’t have to be one. Meet the cloud-based platform crafted by security experts, with simplicity at heart and built to scale with your compliance, insurance and risk management needs.