Email Security

Top-tier protection

Safeguard your emails with advanced AI technology, ensuring comprehensive defence against phishing, malware, and spam

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Easy setup
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Real-time protection
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Automated threat detection
Bastion's Email security tracks emails which were categorized as suspicious or malicious over time so you can follow the efficacy of the solution.

Secure your communications with

Cutting-edge AI

Emails are crucial for businesses yet highly vulnerable to threats. Bastion's Email Security module detects and flags risky emails, safeguarding your company, staff, and clients from phishing, malware, and spam.

Microsoft 365 Email Security Solution

Microsoft has become a key target for cyber threats and sophisticated attacks often manage to bypass Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Windows Defender’s existing filters. The module provides a robust layer to fend off modern attacks.

Instant & seamless set-up

It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 over API, requiring no change to your e-mail configuration (no MX changes), nor disruption in user workflows. Deployed within a few clicks, it saves time and money and limits risk.

Raise awareness on phishing attacks

Remove malicious content but also flag sensitive content with visible tags to raise awareness across users with no impact to their email delivery.

Complete & efficient


Secure every inbox with key features. Your shield against email threats.

Anti-Phishing & Spear-Phishing

Prevent threats from domain impersonation, spoofing, and other spear-phishing attempts.

Allow/Block Lists

Organize and keep a curated list of email contacts or domains to either allow or prevent access to your company's email inboxes.

Desktop & Mobile Protection

Emails are protected centrally across all devices with no extra effort.

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