Cyber security


Ready your teams for cyber attacks with memorable, interactive, and story-based micro-trainings.

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Hi there! đź‘‹

I am Bastian, your cyber companion

I am here to teach you about security

And make your team resilient against hackers


Made fun!

Meet Bastian, your company's cyber coach! With interactive story-based training, he empowers teammates to identify and report cyber threats

Master the fundamentals of cybersecurity

From phishing and ransomware to wire transfer scam and GDPR, Bastian has you covered. Our training works for businesses of any size and teams of any technical expertise.

Assess & monitor your team progress

Evaluate your company's level of maturity with interactive tests and monitor the roll-out of your cybersecurity awareness program in real-time on your dashboard.

Receive monthly reports with stats and actionable insights on your learners' progress.

Designed by security experts

Our team of certified security experts design lessons using the real-world threats we see SMBs face daily. New trainings are constantly released to help your teams recognise and defend against emerging attack patterns.

Build with

Compliance in mind

Ensure your organization complies with regulations & security standards


Art. 39 requires cybersecurity training as part of the technical and organisational measures to ensure data security.


Periodic security awareness trainings are required for SOC 2.


Implementation of security training programs for all workforce members for its Administrative Safeguards.


Cybersecurity awareness and training for all employees are part of its guidelines to protect organisational assets.

ISO 27001

Establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continuously improving an information security management system (ISMS), including trainings for all employees are required.

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