Secure your

Web navigation

Ensure your team navigates the web securely & prevent installation of insecure extension, preventing visits to phishing or dangerous sites.

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Instant deployment
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Proactive Threat Prevention
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No expertise required
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20,000+ websites list out-of-the-box
Secure you web browser with our chrome or edge extension. Our DNS filtering service will ensure you never end up on a phishing website trying to steal your credentials.

Secure your employees with

Smarter web filtering

Stop your users from viewing suspicious or undesirable content for 24/7 protection. Bastion Technologies leverages proprietary algorithms to discover threats as employees browse.

Protect against phishing & user negligence

Bastion Technologies’ Web Browsing security suite monitor employees Web Browser configuration and installed extension to safeguard against malicious or unsecured 3-rd party applications.

Seamless access management

Restrict or allow access to specific domains from a centralized interface to manage your employees security seamlessly.

Efficiency & Simplicity

Deployed within minutes, Bastion Technologies’ Web Browsing module requires no maintenance or operations. It stays up-to-date, integrating protection against the latest attack patterns and malicious content.

Navigating the Web

With confidence

Empowering Your Business with Advanced Web Navigation Control: Enhance Security, Streamline Operations, and Foster a Safe Online Environment

Seamless Integration & Support

The module is installed on user devices. Choose between email installation or use your MDM/RMM

Continuous Protection

Provide round-the-clock security against web-based threats, ensuring that new and emerging dangers are promptly addressed.

User-Friendly Management

High technology accessible for businesses of all sizes without needing deep technical expertise.

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