Data leaks &

Dark web monitoring

Find out if data related to your company or employees has been compromised on the internet.

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Early detection & response of data breaches
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Safeguard your brand reputation
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Protect your customers' confidence
Drill down into all your employee leaked information. Track weak passwords and notify them to change it.


Leaked credentials

Compromised data can be found on the dark web for up to 60% of SMBs. Bastion's Data Leaks module scans the dark web, delivers insights within minutes, and alerts administrators and employees automatically.

Search through 14 billions compromised accounts

Third-party services are breached daily and stolen credentials are constantly traded on the dark web for malicious purposes. Bastion's Data Leaks module browses through an ever-increasing list of 14Bn+ of compromised accounts which is refreshed daily.

Prevent account exploitation

Real-time notifications alert your organisation when data pertaining to your employees is compromised enabling you to secure your accounts pro-actively.

Train targeted employees

Make your employees aware of any compromised information associated with them. Bastion's Data Leaks module provides tailored micro-training on how to respond effectively and adhere to cybersecurity best practices.

Safeguard your

Sensitive data

Our comprehensive monitoring system continuously scans and alerts you to potential data leaks, ensuring you are always one step ahead of threats.

Rapid leak detection

Identifies leaked data online, enabling users to swiftly change passwords and secure their accounts.

Enhanced security posture

Helps users to proactively protect their digital identity and sensitive information.

Compliance support

Aids in maintaining regulatory compliance by facilitating and tracking the remediation of data leaks.

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