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Uncover leaked data

Find exposed or compromised credentials and leaked information on your company and employees

Detect leaked data instantly

Find out if data related to your company or employees has been exposed and compromised on the internet.

Assess your team’s vulnerability

Gain visibility across your exposed data to pro-active

Exposed or compromised credentials
Leaked data and information
Uncover dark web mentions
Company related Torrents

Manage your digital footprint

Discover executive & employees vulnerabilities before attackers. Let your teams assess and manage their digital footprint to reduce your company’s human attack surface.

Contextualize data leaks in Awareness trainings

Make your employees aware of their exposed data and how hackers leverage it for spear phishing and impersonation attacks.

Bastion put the data in context within your awareness trainings to increase awareness and reduce your human attack surface.

There is a reason they trust us

Bastion is the only cyber solution I have seen with a customer-oriented interface, straightforward set-up and robust protection.

Nicolas D.

CTO Klinéo

Put Cybersecurity on Autopilot

Bastion’s platform experience is designed by security and compliance experts so you don’t have to be one.
Meet the cloud-based platform crafted by security experts, with simplicity at heart and built to scale with your compliance, insurance and risk management needs.