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Real-life Phishing Simulations

Assess and improve your team cyber resilience with customised and authentic Phishing campaigns

Phishing Simulator

Easily customize, deliver and report phishing and spear-phishing campaigns to sharpen your employees resilience.

Assess your team’s vulnerability

Ease the burden on administrators and allow them to focus on mission-critical tasks with:

Real-life contextualized attacks
Phishing and Spear-phishing
Minimal configuration
Automated phishing engine

Phishing campaigns hackers would do

Set-up realistic and customized phishing and spear-phishing campaigns to train your teams in real-life conditions.

Browse a library of 150+ phishing templates to simulate any type of attack.

Monitor your team progress

Evaluate your company's level of maturity and track its progress. Monitor the implementation of your cybersecurity awareness program and identify any deficiencies in teams.

There is a reason they trust us

Bastion is the only cyber solution I have seen with a customer-oriented interface, straightforward set-up and robust protection.

Nicolas D.

CTO Klineo

Put Cybersecurity on Autopilot

Bastion’s platform experience is designed by security and compliance experts so you don’t have to be one.
Meet the cloud-based platform crafted by security experts, with simplicity at heart and built to scale with your compliance, insurance and risk management needs.